Selection of my latest published work

Wage war – should Australian miners exercise ‘wage restraint’?

As the Australian mining boom experiences a dip, miner’s wages have come under attack from the likes of BHP Billiton’s President Dean Dalla Valle as being too high compared to other countries. In the face of a string of job losses, should Australian miners exercise ‘wage restraint’ or is it up to mining companies to make operations more cost efficient?

Empowering women and girls with clean energy

Empowering women through clean power technologies has been put firmly on the agenda thanks to recent events held by the United Nations and Ashden Awards. So how is clean tech changing lives and how can it be scaled up to game-changing levels?

Blowing the whistle – should offshore oil & gas workers be better protected?

Fours years after the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill devastated the Gulf of Mexico, a bill to protect offshore oil and gas whistleblowers who expose health and safety violations on rigs is still waiting to be enacted by the Senate. As industry begins to drill deeper and deeper, should this bill be passed to protect workers’ lives, break down the industry’s culture of silence and mitigate the chance of another oil spill devastating the region?

Cartel culture – Mexico’s war against illegal mining

Mexico’s organised crime epidemic has infiltrated the mining industry to an unprecedented extent, making mining in Mexico anything but ‘business as usual’. So why are Cartels, more commonly associated with drug trade, switching to iron ore, and at what expense?

Houston’s Norwegian invasion – life in the oil and gas epicentre of the world

Norwegians have been flocking to Houston to cash in on their reputation as offshore oil industry innovators, with over 150 Norway based businesses now set-up. But what is the Nordic-American relationship really like and what challenges have Norwegians faced doing business in Houston?