Blog: My favourite quotes from last week

‘Fucking hell, mate, give us a shout when you’re going down the Mall with your pitchforks and that. I’ll come and serenade you with my lute before we eat the Queen.’ Noel Gallagher speaking of mate Russell Brand’s Revolution to Vice.  Watch it here.

From the same interview:

“People are more willing to sit in a coffee shop and spend a tenner on two coffees and talk about the weather for 45 minutes. Yet they will physically get angry at you about spending a tenner on an album that will last a life time and might even change your outlook on ”

“So that’s the problem: famous women finally proclaiming their membership of a movement that demands equality between the sexes. Why don’t they just stick to who made their dress, or how that director or music producer is a genius? God forbid they might mention the empowerment of half the human race.” Rosamund Urwin for The Evening Standard on people complaining about female stars coming out as feminists. Read it here.

“How, as Western women, can we buy relentlessly without even thinking about the woman making this product? If we knew that the woman had died to produce that T-shirt, we’d never let it happen. But somehow we don’t think about it.” Livia Firth on the Western culture of fast fashion. Read more here.

“He’s not just going into a job, he’s bandied as a role model, we cheer him on as a role model and he’s influencing the next generation of young men who are currently still making their decisions on how to treat women and what sexual mutual consent is.” Charlie Webster, who resigned as patron of Sheffield United last week, on why she doesn’t think convicted rapist Ched Evans should be allowed to return to the club. Watch her impassioned interview on the subject here.