ARTICLES: Transform – insights for asset managers in the power industry

Contract Management: Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Service Maintenance Agreements

MYAs between OEMs and operators are complex. Here’s a look at contract management best practices. Read more here. 

The Future of LNG: Will New Natural Gas Reserves and Advancing Technology Keep Commodity Prices Low?

Will increased LNG exports drive up domestic prices in the coming years? Read more here. 

How to Bolster Power Plant Security in an Age of Cyberattacks

The recent Dragonfly 2.0 attacks served the power sector yet another warning: Cybersecurity is critical. Here’s how to ensure your plant doesn’t fall victim to cybercrime. Read more here. 

Interview: What’s in Store for Coal Power Generation in 2018?

James Stevenson of IHS Markit discusses where coal-fired power demand will grow or fall in the near future. Read more here. 

Fuel Mix Trends for 2018: Examining Outlooks for Coal, Gas, and Renewables

What will fuel energy generation in the new year? Here’s an expert look. Read more here.

6 Problems Keeping Power Plant Managers up at Night and How to Solve Them

Power plant management challenges can keep you from getting a restful night, unless you know how to tackle them.  Read more here.