FEATURES: Shephard Media’s Unmanned Vehicles Magazine

Image courtesy of Saab.

For the last year I have been writing features for several of Shephard Media’s technology titles, most frequently Unmanned Vehicles Magazine. Below are some examples of my work.

Obedient Observers 

Image courtesy of Delair-Tech.

From oil rigs to airliners to accident scenes, inspection and monitoring work by UAVs is gradually gaining popularity in Europe.

Click on the link to view the file – UV-06-16-GCS

Going Modular 

Image courtesy of Lockheed Martin.

Ground control stations have typically been tailor- made for specific missions, but manufacturers are now taking a modular approach, providing greater flexibility and more capabilities.

Click on the link to view the file – UV-06-16-GCS


Deep Thinking 

Saab's AUV62 AT at Unmanned Warrior 01 2016
Image courtesy of Saab.

Removing personnel from dangerous environments and taking over the work on ‘dull and dirty’ tasks, AUVs are seeing continuing advances and applications, both civil and military.

Click on the link to view the file – UV-Feature-Commercial-AUVs